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Golf pitching tips

The pitch is chip shot's big brother and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. The two shots share many characteristics and they both, when performed well, are highly effective at reducing a golfer's score. The pitch shot is typically played from a distance of up to approximately 80 yards and when well executed can turns pars into birdies and bogeys into pars. The pitching tips and drills in this section will help you develop a technique that will allow you to execute this shot consistently well.

Control your tempo for better pitch shots

Learn how to synchronise your swing and control your rhythm in pitching

With Dan Whittaker

Tips to help with the basic pitch shot

Derek Hooper explains the fundamentals when hitting a pitch shot.

With Derek Hooper

Hit better 100 yard pitches with these tips and drills

Graeme McDowell explains how he plays pitch shots and how he practices distance.

With Graeme McDowell

Improve your score with these pitching tips

Hank Haney (former coach of Tiger Woods) shows you the fundamentals of how to play a pitch shot.

With Hank Haney

High, Soft-Landing Pitch

How to play the high, short pitch with a bit of the mental approach sprinkled over it.

With Luke Donald

Pitching Close To The Green

Pitching from around the green

With Luke Donald

Get better at pitching with these drills

Mark Crossfield, the Golf guru shows you what he works on to improve his pitching.

With Mark Crossfield

Improve your golf pitching

Learn how to hit your wedges a specific distance

With Mark Crossfield

Develop a proper pitching technique

Dr Noel Rousseau explains how to get a solid technique to hit pitch shots of varying distances.

With Dr. Noel Rousseau


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