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Golf chipping tips

Improving your chipping around the green is a sure-fire way to lower your score. The ability to "get up and down" can shave several shots of each round and will reduce your handicap accordingly. Chipping is one aspect of the game of golf in which, in theory, the average golfer should be able to match or even surpass the mastery exhibited by the top performing professionals. A good chipping technique is relatively simple to acquire and, combined with the tips and drills included in this section, assuming you practice enough and develop confidence, you should be "getting up and down" with regularity.

Chip around the green

Learn what you do with your shipping and how to improve it

With Adam Bazelgette

Learn about the chipping yips and how they cane be avoided

Andy & Piers from MeandMyGolf explain the chipping yips and how to overcome them.

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Use these tips to overcome the yips with chips

Butch Harmon explains the chipping yips and how to overcome them.

With Butch Harmon

Drill and practice to help your chipping

Derek Hooper explains the fundamentals that allow good chipping.

With Derek Hooper

Adopt the correct fundamentals to improve your chipping

Gary Alliss, son of Peter, explains the fundamentals of chipping.

With Gary Alliss

Discover the fundamentals of a good chip shot

Hank Haney former coach of Tiger Woods explaining the basic fundamentals of chipping.

With Hank Haney

Bounce on Your Wedges

A lesson that stresses the benefit of focusing on the sound and feeling of the wedge skidding along the grass during impact.

With Dr. Noel Rousseau

Keeping chipping simple for rookie golfers

How to keep chipping simple by using the correct club for the shot you need to hit.

With Andrew Jones


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