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Tips for beginner golfers

It is hard sometimes for anyone who has been golfing for years to properly remember what it is like to be a beginner golfer. For some who may have started as a child it will be impossible to relate to what faces a person that is totally new to golf. What we have tried to achieve in this section though is to list a select, review, and describe a number of videos that will help beginners take their first cautious steps in this wonderful game of golf.

Improve your iron play - tips for beginners

Adam Bazelgette explains the pitfalls of hitting irons and how to avoid these.

With Adam Bazelgette

How to get into your golf setup (for beginners and seasoned golfers too!).

Set-up for beginners, and good for seasoned golfers too who want to review a few of the basics of a correct stance.

With Aimee Cho

Discover the basics of a good golf swing

Andy & Piers from MeandMygolf explain to us the basics of the golf swing.

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Begin your golf with this guide to the golf swing

An excellent video covering the fundamentals of the golf swing and how the swing moves around your body.

With Andrew Kiger

Getting started with putting - the essentials

The basics of putting and a drill to let you groove the basics.

With Derek Hooper

Take five steps to move from beginner to winner!

Gale Peterson Golf Magazine top 100 instructor explains how to build a golf swing.

With Gale Peterson

Getting Started in Golf, Beginner lesson

Grip, Alignment, posture. Video shows how to get your self on track with good fundamentals.

With Mike Sullivan

Throw Your Golf Clubs For Better Backswing

Get to the top of your backswing using energy, physics, and a throw of the golf club!

With Rhodri Lloyd Jones

Just starting to golf? Here are five tips to help

The 5 top tips that I deliver to new golfers in 90% of lessons

With Todd Kolb

5 steps not enough? Well here are 6 for you.

A little longer but still good video which explains the 6 steps in the golf swing and how to make these

With Robin Rosado

Clear and concise advise for beginner golfers

An excellent video explaining the basic processes of the golf swing for beginners.

With Oliver Heuler

Get started in golf by flying your plane!

Stay with the video as he shows you things to look out for and even how to draw / slice the ball.

With Robert Baker

How to, and how not to, get the ball up in the air

Avoid this common misconception and get the ball in the air with ease

With Neal Granville

Putting tips for beginner golfers

Simple ways to start getting the hang of reading greens, setting up to the putt and how to control the putter face.

With Lisa Ann Horst

Help for the novice on the putting green

Just the simple basic steps for beginners to get started on the greens

With Robert Camacho

Keeping chipping simple for rookie golfers

How to keep chipping simple by using the correct club for the shot you need to hit.

With Andrew Jones


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