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Hank Haney

One of the big hitters of the golf coaching world and a former coach of Tiger Woods. Hank's videos are clear and easy to understand. He likes his students to become their own teachers by understanding the flight of the ball and how that relates to their swing.

Golf Tip - Correct Grip

Tiger's former coach shows us the correct way to grip the club in this short, instruction-packed video.

With Hank Haney

Discover the fundamentals of a good chip shot

Hank Haney former coach of Tiger Woods explaining the basic fundamentals of chipping.

With Hank Haney

Improve your score with these pitching tips

Hank Haney (former coach of Tiger Woods) shows you the fundamentals of how to play a pitch shot.

With Hank Haney

Correct your slice with this change

Hank Haney explains why you hit a slice and how to fix it.

With Hank Haney


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