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David Leadbetter

Another of the big hitters of golf instruction, maybe even the biggest based on longevity. Leadbetter has taught several number one golfers including Faldo and Price. Two sides to David, firstly very traditional straight out the text book and easy to understand. Lately though he is pushing his A-Swing theories which are certainly worth a look but do need to be approached with a certain amount of care.

Grip Lesson

Why you should not grip the club too tightly and why getting the pressure right is fundamental to a good golf swing.

With David Leadbetter

Try this drill to improve your posture and stance

David Leadbetter shows you how to get the perfect setup and build a great foundation for a good swing

With David Leadbetter

Get the key to better iron play

David Leadbetter shows you the keys to hitting better iron shots.

With David Leadbetter

How to cure shank in golf

Video showing you how a shank happens and how to cure them.

With David Leadbetter

Greenside Bunker Play

Gary Player, Ernie Els and David Leadbetter talk through how they play bunker shots

With Gary Player, Ernie Els, David Leadbetter


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