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Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan is the Head Professional at The Belfry. His videos are in depth but very interesting and again easy to understand and usually include drills to assist you in building the change in your swing.

How to Practice

This video shows you how to get more out of your practice sessions

With Chris Ryan

Simple Golf Grip Check

One of the quickest and most simple drills for checking your grip that you are likely to see.

With Chris Ryan

Better posture

Improve your upper body posture to see immediate improvement in your backswing.

With Chris Ryan

Make your stance with the correct ball position

Chris Ryan explains the key fundamentals of ball position

With Chris Ryan

Improve Your Takeaway

Improve your initial move and learn how to get your golf club started correctly on the backswing using this simple drill.

With Chris Ryan

Golf Backswing Drill (Visual)

Visual backswing drill to discourage unwanted lateral movement

With Chris Ryan

Stop rolling the club inside

Cure a common fault and improve your takeaway

With Chris Ryan

Develop a good downswing

Chris Ryan shows you how the golf club and body should work in the downswing.

With Chris Ryan

Three keys to bunker play

Three areas to focus on when in a bunker

With Chris Ryan

Stop topping the ball

Chris Ryan shows us how to put an end to the dreaded topping of the golf ball

With Chris Ryan

Three Top Putting Tips

Chris Ryan joins Andy and Piers from MEandMYGOLF to give three simple putting tips

With Chris Ryan, Andy Proudman and Piers Ward


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