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Adam Bazelgette

Adam, being a slightly older gentleman is very much a traditional teacher. That said, he is very clear and easy to follow in his teaching methods and always gives feels and drills that you can follow. Having trained with Leadbetter and having won 3 PGA teacher of the year awards ,advice from Adam can be taken as being on-the-money.

What is the Proper-grip ?

It's all about the left hand! Let the anatomy of the hand guide you on how to grip the club properly.

With Adam Bazelgette

Get into the perfect golf setup position

How to setup properly with good setup and posture

With Adam Bazelgette

Improve your iron play - tips for beginners

Adam Bazelgette explains the pitfalls of hitting irons and how to avoid these.

With Adam Bazelgette

The Perfect Golf putting stroke technique

Learn an absolute basic of putting. The two elements involved will enable you to grove a simple effective stroke.

With Adam Bazelgette

Short Game Practice tips & wedge play drills

Learn two fundamentals of wedge play and a drill to build skill in your wedge game

With Adam Bazelgette

Chip around the green

Learn what you do with your shipping and how to improve it

With Adam Bazelgette

Improve your backswing with these tips

Adam Bazellgette explains the swing plane and how to fix your own swing plane.

With Adam Bazelgette

Fix the faults that make you slice

Adam Bazelgette two time PGA teacher of the year shows you some key principals in how to fix a slice with your driver.

With Adam Bazelgette

Adam Bazelgette explains how to hit a fade with your driver and why you would want to have this shot in your locker.

Adam Bazelgette shows you how to hit a fade with your driver.

With Adam Bazelgette

Hit a driver consistently

Hit more fairways to setup better scoring

With Adam Bazelgette

Stop hitting thin golf shots

Adam Bazelgette shows you how to stop thinning the ball

With Adam Bazelgette

Stop topping your fairway woods & hybrids

Stop topping the ball with your fairway woods and hybrids

With Adam Bazelgette


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