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Golf Practice Drills and Routines

Working on something? Or maybe you just love the game so much that the "pleasure of the strike", when enjoyed in 10 second intervals is enough to draw you down to the practice ground or range. Either way, there is more to practice than you might have thought. Simply "putting in the reps" can not only become tiresome, it can also be particularly ineffective and wasteful of your precious time. Much has been written in recent times about developing a good golf practice routine and, after overcoming any initial scepticism in this regard, you might find that the simplest of tips and/ or changes to your practice routines provided in this section result in a significant performance boost when it becomes time to put practice into play.

How to Practice

This video shows you how to get more out of your practice sessions

With Chris Ryan

Productive Practice Golf Tips

Practice productively using methods adopted by one of the worlds best players

With Justin Rose

Short Game Practice Drill

A 10-ball practice drill for the short game

With Dr. Karl Morris

Is Your Practice Wasted Time?

Words of wisdom on how to practice more effectively

With Dr. Karl Morris


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