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Stop Playing the Score Game

Like many of Dr. Morris' videos, this one is promoting his program and is missing the punchline but it does still provides valuable guidance. He tells us how we can reduce nerves and anxiety by having "perceived control." Using the example of a flying and driving a car we can relate to how the drivers will feel less nervous than the flyers because the have perceived control even though, statistically, they are more at risk. Dr. Morris moves on to talk about how, as golfers, we tend to play the "score game" which is something we cannot control (although we can massively influence it). A prefect drive can find a bad lie, or a bad iron shot can still finish close for example. He ends by telling us to play the "circle game" although, in his role as a salesman, he leaves us hanging without telling us what that is. An reasonable guess would be that you just work your way round the course trying to hit the ball into circles that you envisage.

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A 5.31 minute video featuring Dr. Karl Morris.

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