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How to fix a hook

The hook may be somewhat less prevalent than the slice but it can cause even more destruction. The story that many hookers enjoy hearing and that relieves some of the pain is that "good players hook". There may be a small element of truth to this but it doesn't take away from the damage the hook can cause to a scorecard and the requirement to fix the hook. While a slice can be dressed up as a big fade and often avoid the trouble, a hooked golf ball tends to move with more venom and this is especially true of the duck-hook - the most troubling and punishing variety of this type of golf shot. But, as noted above, "good players hook" so it should not take too much corrective action to sort this all out and the instructional videos below will show you how to fix a hook.

The Snap Hook Myth

Illustration of the club path and face angle that causes a duck hook and a remedy for this problem

With Clay Ballard

Learn how to stop the ugly duck hook

Craig Hocknell shows you how to never hit a snap hook again with your driver

With Craig Hocknell

Fix your hook with this simple drill

Derek Hooper shows you how a hook happens and gives you a drill how to straighten out your shots.

With Derek Hooper

Straighten out your hook with this fix

Mark Crossfield shows you some drills and tips to straighten out that horrible hook.

With Mark Crossfield

Find out why you are hooking and how to make the correction

Michael Breed explains one of the reasons why you may be battling a hook. And shows you a drill to fix the problem.

With Michael Breed

How to stop hooking the golf ball

Sean McTernan shows you how to understand why you hit a hook and how to stop it and straighten up your shots.

With Sean McTernan

Fix a Duck Hook

Headcover drill to help fix a duck hook

With Sean McTernan


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