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Gripping the club properly

If you go for a lesson with a qualified golf professional it is very likely that the first or at least one of the first things he or she will look at is your grip. For most this will lead to suggested changes to ensure you have a proper grip and, if you are like most golfers, making changes to your grip will be incredibly difficult and, initially at least, leave you feeling like you are holding the wrong end of the club so much is the discomfort and awkwardness of change. Or maybe it's just not what we want to hear - something so simple and we want more from a lesson.

The truth though is that a proper grip is vitally important and there is really no excuse for not at least attempting to get it right. Check out the resources below to see how you can get your grip sorted.

What is the Proper-grip ?

It's all about the left hand! Let the anatomy of the hand guide you on how to grip the club properly.

With Adam Bazelgette

Simple Golf Grip Check

One of the quickest and most simple drills for checking your grip that you are likely to see.

With Chris Ryan

Grip Lesson

Why you should not grip the club too tightly and why getting the pressure right is fundamental to a good golf swing.

With David Leadbetter

Golf Tip - Correct Grip

Tiger's former coach shows us the correct way to grip the club in this short, instruction-packed video.

With Hank Haney

How to set the perfect grip

It is all about the wrist-hinge - a proper grip leads to a strong position at the top of the swing.

With Luke Donald

Golf Grip Lesson left hand issues

Learn why having a proper grip leads to far better striking of the golf ball.

With Mark Crossfield


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