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Bounce on a wedge

Depending on your age you might remember when wedges where either just pitching or sand wedges. Well things are quite different now. There are infinite variations of loft and lie angles and, as the videos in this section show, the bounce angle of wedges can have a dramatic effect on the playing characteristics of your wedge. While it might be true to say that most golfers have quite enough to think about before and during (and after!) their golf swings, learning about bounce on a wedge is a very worthwhile endeavour.

Golf Club Bounce

It should be called "slide" and not "bounce" - a diagrammatic illustration of bounce.

With Clay Ballard

Use Bounce when Chipping

An illustration of how the "old" pitching method relies on lots of practice and how using the bounce on a wedge allows for a wider margin of error.

With Marvin Sanguesa

Bounce on Your Wedges

A lesson that stresses the benefit of focusing on the sound and feeling of the wedge skidding along the grass during impact.

With Dr. Noel Rousseau

Correct Bounce for your Wedges

An explanation of what bounce is and how the type of shot you typically play with a particular wedge should be dictate what bounce you select

With Randy Smith


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