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About Us

We are a couple of absolute brammers! was properly started in 2017 (after years of procrastination) by David Burns and Robert Reilly - a pair of long-time friends and keen amateur golfers. Both of them started as young junior golf club members and have each racked up over four decades of golfing pleasure and pain.

During all this time, David and Robert developed a common understanding - that they know enough about golf to know they don't know enough about golf! They have though enough confidence in their own judgment to put together a selection of good-quality and informative instructional golf videos that will help other golfers to improve their games. strives to put together a catalogue of instructional golf videos that can be easily navigated and perused by those looking for help with their game. The Internet is full of useful and insightful guidance although, inevitably, it is also populated by less helpful resources with a wide-range of negative aspects. provides a filter (yes it's just our opinion!) of sorts so that golfers can more quickly get the help they need.


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